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How often do you walk into a library looking to borrow a book to read at home? Honestly, I have not done that in a while; I suppose around 6 months now. Previously, I visited the library several times a month until I found a new and more convenient way to consume content; listening to audiobooks. Like most people, listening to audiobooks may seem less interesting compared to active book reading. Interestingly, listening to audiobooks is slowly gaining momentum among millennials. They are looking for more fast, convenient, and fun ways to consume information, and audiobooks provide them with precisely that.  If you are still reluctant about them, then understanding why people love them will perhaps change your mindset. Below are some of the reasons why people love audiobooks.


  1. Time-saving

It is practically impossible to multitask when actively reading a book, unlike listening to an audiobook. Even though multitasking has been openly discouraged when learning, it has proven to be useful and time-saving. For instance, you can attend to your home chores while listening to your favorite audiobook. This makes it fantastic for book lovers; you can never be too busy to read a book.

  1. It is uplifting and fun

For most people, active reading can be “boring”; you have to keep your eye on the book for long periods of time. Persons with short concentration spans often find it difficult to read books. However, just like music, audiobooks are so uplifting and fun. Often, narrators are compassionate and captivating; they just don’t narrate, they play. You can almost “feel” the book. It elevates your emotions and keeps you in the best mood.

  1. Fast learning

Let’s say you are set for a literature test tomorrow. It is impossible to peruse a 900-page novel in one night. However, with an audio version of the novel, you can easily pace the information you consume. It is a perfect way to go through a lot of information within a short time.



  1. They are much portable

You can agree with me that most millennials love reading and traveling. For most of them, audiobooks are their favorite way to reduce their luggage during trips; carrying books around can be exhausting. Well, with the vast use of smartphones, millennials have found convenience in taking their favorite book in audio forms. It is less exhausting.

  1. Better information retention

There have been no reasonable research showing that reading is better listening. In fact, combining them will enhance your ability to retain information. Audiobooks are vivid and only work to solidify the previous information. For instance, reading a book and later listening to the audio version of the book will reinforce the retention contents of the book. You are more likely to remember the contents of the book in the future.

  1. Cost-effective

Audiobooks are often cheaper than physical books and can become immediately available on your device/app from anywhere in the world. Purchasing online also saves the cost of delivery and the anticipation for the arrival of your book. In the time that it arrives in the post, you could have read it cover to cover on your device! Again, time saving.


In addition to the above six reasons, some books are better listened to than read. You can agree with me that conceptual and biography books are far much better told than read. For instance, one can easily grasp the life sequence and the major events for the person in question using audiobooks compared to when they are in text form for biographies. At the same time, audiobooks are convenient in the sense that they are easily accessible. All you need is a smart gadget and access to the internet. Trust me, audiobooks are the real deal when it comes to consuming content.


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