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The advancements in technology have made it easier to conceive and learn more information. Apart from reading softcopy books on smartphones and computers, we can now listen to audiobooks, which are more fun, convenient, and time-saving. In fact, millennials have grown fond of audiobooks; it suits their love to be around screened gadgets. On top of audiobooks, modern technology has found new ways to make content consumption much more exciting and easy to comprehend with the use of text synchronized audiobooks. So, what are they, how do they benefit book lovers?

To some extent, text synchronized audiobooks are similar to audiobooks; not only are the contents of the book narrated, they are also accompanied by text display on a screen from which you can simultaneously read and listen to the book’s contents. Initially, text synchronized audiobooks were aimed at helping children with dyslexia. This learning difficulty makes it harder for children to decode letters into sounds. For reading and finding meaning in words is almost impossible. However, the use of text synchronized audio allows for a multisensory approach, i.e. sight and sound, which helps bridge the letters and meaning gap, hence improving comprehension. This way, it is possible for children to read and learn the pronunciation and meaning of words.

Apart from helping children with dyslexia, text synchronized audiobooks provide an advanced level of understanding. I would evenly compare it to watching a movie. Text synchronized audiobooks are more vivid and easy to understand as they employ a multisensory approach, the use of eyes and ears. For instance, with the unrelenting trend in learning foreign language among millennials, text synchronized audiobooks have made learning of new and foreign language much easier. You can easily follow and learn the pronunciation of words and at the same time, learn how to write words correctly. The books are often more beneficial to beginner language learners.

If you are feeling quite rusty in grammar, then text synchronized audiobooks will serve you best. They furnish you with an opportunity to enrich your language, including learning new vocabulary, their pronunciations, and how they are used in different language contexts. For instance, if you are an English speaker, these audiobooks could help enrich and add some flair to your language.

Beside audiobooks, text synchronized audiobooks come with so much fun. It tends to elevate and illuminate captivating emotions when following and listening to the story. You just don’t follow, you feel, you relate, meaning you can almost see the play on your screen. The use of text synchronized audiobooks also comes in handy for persons willing to learn and understand rapid speaking. Sometimes people keep getting lost when a public speaker is giving a speech. More often than not, they will keep nagging their seatmates. If you are that kind of person, then these advanced digital audiobooks provide you with a perfect training session. They will help you train your mind to concentrate more on what is being said.


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