The Benefits Of Reading Every Day

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After writing posts on social media, how often do you find time to pick up a book and read? My guess is; not very often. Am not particularly opposed to the use of social media, but it almost certain that its extensive use has eroded our reading culture; everyone is always out there trying to impress the world; fetching for likes and comments. Reading, which was a profound form of entertainment, is slowly getting replaced by the use of the internet. Have you ever thought to yourself why we have books? Why do we need to develop a reading culture; I mean, what are the benefits of reading every day? Well, here are several benefits that come along with reading written materials regularly.

1. Boost Intelligence
It is almost apparent that reading books help boost one’s intelligence. It helps broaden one’s perspective of the various aspects of life. The more you read, the more you learn new ideas. This will eventually elevate the voice of reason and action within oneself.

2. Reduces stress
We live in a competitive world; a fast-paced modern world that never cuts anyone slack. In such an environment, moments of stress are almost inevitable; work pressure, relationships and financial difficulties. In those low moments, a great story from a novel will distract you, help reduce tension and bring forth a relaxing effect your mind. A study conducted in 2009 revealed that a 30-minute reading session is having the same impact on stress reduction as a 30-minute yoga session.

3. Strengthens family bond
I used to love it when my dad would read a storybook to me every weekend when he came home. I was always looking forward to the next weekend. Conversely, recent studies have shown that reading books to kids encourage meaningful interactions between parents and their children. In contrast to using tablets and smartphones, reading from printed book always seems so real for kids; it’s literally authentic, they can almost feel the flow of words.

4. Improve brain memory
Reading to expand your knowledge is a perfect way to enhance your brain memory abilities. Any time you read a book, you will remember the details of the book. Let’s say, characters, background, subplots and history. Most interestingly, the new forged memories help create new brain pathways and thereby strengthening the already existing ones and consequently enhancing your short and long-term memory.

5. Improves your vocabulary and writing skills
They say the more you practice, the more you get better at something. The same case applies to reading written material; the more you read, the more you gain insight into new words. It is through reading that you will be able to appreciate the beauty of language and also learn more wonderful ways to express yourself.

Often, improved vocabulary goes hand in hand with improved writing skills. People who read a lot will knowingly or subconsciously try to emulate the different unique styles borrowed from their readings.
While the benefits of reading are undeniable, it is essential that everyone appreciates that reading is a process, it is a skill you learn over time, and eventually, it will be your culture. In any case, there is nothing to lose if you spare a few hours to read a book.

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