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1. The Purpose of the Agreement.
The Author wishes the Publisher to publish the Author’s titled work (hereinafter called the “Work”), and the Publisher agrees to publish the Work and make the work available for purchase by customers via its Website (hereafter called the “Website”, “Site”, “Platform”). In full consideration, this Agreement shall apply as follows;

2. License to Publish.
The Author grants the Publisher a non-exclusive license to;
Format and convert the document to the relevant digital, electronic formats, including audio and Video;
Publish and store document in its database;
Distribute and sell the Work/s in all digital and electronic download form worldwide.

3. Territory.
The rights granted to the Publisher in this Agreement shall be in all countries throughout the world.

4. Publishing License Term.
The license for the Work shall extend for five (5) years after the first release date of the work/s. The license will automatically be renewed for five (5) consecutive years. No automatic renewal shall take place providing that the Parties give at least thirty (30) days advance written notice transmitted via electronic mail to the other prior to the end of the current term.

5. Author Warranties and Indemnification.
The Author represents and warrants the following to Publisher:
5.1 The Author is the sole owner of the Work (this includes manuscript, pictures, images, drawings and any other materials submitted to Publisher) and has the full power, authority and right to enter into this Publishing Agreement;
5.2 This Agreement does not conflict with any other contracts, understandings, or existing publishing arrangements between the Author and any other person or entity;
5.3 The Work is not in the public domain and is an entirely original work, except for portions thereof for which legally effective written licenses or permissions have been secured;
5.4 The Work as submitted, and its publication by Publisher, do not and will not violate or infringe upon any personal or proprietary rights, including without limitation copyrights, trademark rights, trade secret rights, contract rights, privacy rights, or publicity rights of any other persons and entities;
5.5 The Work and all the rights in Work are free of liens, claims, interests or rights in others of any kind;
5.6 Publisher shall not have any legal responsibility for Author’s Work;
5.7 The Work is not defamatory or obscene, considered discriminatory, sexist, racist, homophobic, blasphemous, likely to outrage public morals, plagiaristic, or in any other way illegal; and that any and all recipes, formulae, instructions, or recommendations contained in the Work are not and will not be injurious to any reader, user, or third person;
5.8 All information submitted to Publisher is entirely accurate to the best knowledge of the Author.

6. Publishing fees.
The Publisher shall not charge the author any production or publishing fee. Subscriptions, advertisements, promotional positioning, ‘Advertorials’, editorial promotions and any other promotional materials and or services, will be subject to charges agreed with the Author in advance of those services being provided.

7. Royalty Payments.
7.1 On all sales of the Work, Publisher shall pay the Author 75% of Net Receipts. Net Receipts are determined as the payments that Publisher actually receives from sales of the Work, less any distribution charges, returns, taxes, credit card facilitation charges and handling charges.
7.2 The Publisher, via its website, shall render to the Author a statement of Net Copies Sold and Net Revenues from the sale of Publisher’s Editions and other exploitation and disposition of rights to the Work, and other credits and debits relating to the Work and the rights granted in this Agreement.
7.3 The Publisher shall pay the Author all royalties earned, on a quarterly basis, within thirty (30) days of the end of each year’s calendar quarter in which the Author earned a royalty on the sale/s.
7.4 The Publisher shall have the right to debit the account of the Author for any overpayment of royalties, and any and all costs, charges, or expenses which the Author is required to pay or reimburse the Publisher under this Agreement, and any amounts owing the Publisher under any other agreement between the Publisher and the Author.

8. Submission Guidelines and Compliance.
8.1 The Author shall follow all submissions procedures as reflected and appearing on the Publisher’s website. The Author agrees to deliver the manuscript of the Work in its entirety (“Manuscript”) to the Publisher in the form of a digital ebook saved in the EPUB format (a widely available XML-based format for digital books and publications) via the online submission form on the Publisher’s website.
8.2 The Author shall deliver to the Publisher, at Author’s sole expense, each of the following:
• Any required original artwork, ready-made cover for the work/s, illustrations, maps, charts, photographs, or other artwork (collectively “Artwork”), in a form suitable for reproduction;
• A table of contents, list of tables, figures, or exhibits;
• A foreword; preface; acknowledgements, introduction; Author’s biographical statement or similar matter (‘Frontmatter” and “Backmatter”).
8.3 The Author agrees to make and maintain suitable copies of the Manuscript, Artwork, Frontmatter, Backmatter, or any other documents or materials provided, as the Publisher shall have no liability of any kind for the loss or destruction of the work.
8.4 If the Author fails or refuses to deliver the Artwork, Frontmatter, Backmatter, Permissions, or other material required to be delivered by the Author under this agreement, the Publisher shall have the right, but not the obligation, to reject the Work.

9. Publication.
9.1 The Publisher intends to market, sell and distribute the Work within Seven (7) days upon the Author’s approval of the first proof copy for ebooks.
9.2 If the Publisher, in its sole discretion, deems the Manuscript, Artwork, Frontmatter and/or Backmatter, Permissions and/or any other materials delivered by the Author under this Agreement to be unacceptable in form or substance, the Publisher reserves the right not to accept a submission without any reason or explanation being required.
9.3 The Author shall decide on the Work’s retail price. The retail price should follow generally accepted publishing industry guidelines.
9.4 The Publisher will consult with the Author and seek the Author’s advice and ideas concerning the time, place, method, and manner of advertising, promotion, and other exploitation of the Work, including, but not limited to, bookstore and trade distribution, online marketing, special sales, media reviews, and publicity. However, the Publisher shall have the right to make final decisions in these matters.
9.5 The Publisher shall have the right to use, and to license others to use, the Author’s name, image, likeness, and biographical material for advertising, promotion, and other exploitation of the Work and the other rights granted under this Agreement

10. Multiple Author.
Whenever the term “Author” refers to more than one person, such persons will be jointly and severally liable and responsible for all duties, obligations, and covenants under this Agreement, and shall share equally in all royalties and other amounts to be paid under this Agreement, unless otherwise specified in a writing signed by all parties.

11. Binding on any and all Successor.
This Agreement shall at all times, be binding on any heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns of the Author, and the successors, assigns, and licensees of the Publisher, but no assignment by the Author of any such rights shall be made without prior written consent of the Publisher.

12. Liability Waiver & Disclaimer.
12.1 The Author agrees to hold the Publisher harmless against any damages, including legal fees, finally sustained in any actions (lawsuits) involving the Publisher or its licensees by reason of a violation of any of the warranties in Clause/s 5.1 to 5.8 If any such legal action is instituted, the Publisher shall promptly notify the Author and may withhold payments due to the Author under this Agreement, until such action has been settled or withdrawn. If a final adverse judgment is rendered by a competent court or legal Authority and is not discharged in its entirety by the Author, the Publisher may apply the payments so withheld to the satisfaction of such judgment. The Author undertakes for herself, her successors and assigns, to execute at any time, on request of the Publisher, any document or documents to confirm or continue any of the rights defined herein, and to take all proceedings necessary to enforce any copyright in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.
12.2 If the Author unreasonably disapproves of any out-of-court settlement recommended by the Publisher and the claim or lawsuit proceeds to trial or hearing, the Author shall be liable for all the Publisher’s fees, costs, damages, and expenses connected with such claim defence or trial costs, regardless of the outcome or any judgement. The Publisher shall have the right to reasonably extend the benefit of the above indemnities to any person, firm, or corporation at any time, and the Author shall be liable as if the Author’s warranties were originally made to such person, firm, or corporation.
12.3 The provisions of this Section shall survive the termination of this Agreement. Similarly, should any particular clause of this Agreement be struck-out as being non-binding or unlawful by any competent court holding jurisdiction over the Agreement, then that clause shall be considered void from this Agreement, with the remainder remaining intact.

13. Termination of the Agreement.
The Author has the right to cease any renewal and the Publisher has the right to refuse any further renewal, subject to the notice of termination in Clause 4 being adhered to. The Publisher shall have the right to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect should the terms of this Agreement be breached by the Author, or the Author commits fraud or an act of Moral Turpitude or brings the relationship between the Author and the Publisher into public disrepute. In the event of termination, the Publisher shall have the right to immediately remove from sale any of the Author’s works from the website or any catalogue/ lists of available work.

14. Copyright Infringement.
14.1 If, at any time during the term of this Agreement, a claim shall arise for infringement or unfair competition as to any of the rights that are the subject of this Agreement, the parties may proceed jointly or separately to prosecute an action based on such claims. If the parties proceed jointly, the expenses (the legal fees) and recovery, if any, shall be shared equally by the parties. If the parties do not proceed jointly, either or both parties shall have the right to proceed separately, and if so, such party shall bear the costs of litigation and shall own and retain any and all recovery resulting from such litigation.
14.2 If the party proceeding separately does not hold a clear ownership or title of the copyright at issue, the other party hereby consents that the action be brought in his, her, or its name. In any event, the Publisher has no obligation to initiate litigation on such claims and shall not be liable for any failure to do so.

15. Legal Notice.
Any written notice or delivery under any of the provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed to have been properly made by electronic mail to the address provided during the registration process.

16. Force Majeure
The Publisher’s obligations under this Agreement shall be extended by a period equal to any period of force majeure (circumstance beyond the control of the Publisher) that prevents the Publisher from performing such obligations.

17. Disputes & Arbitration.
If any dispute shall arise between the Author and the Publisher regarding this Agreement, the Publisher and Author will first attempt to resolve such dispute through mediation, and, if that fails, such dispute shall be referred to binding private arbitration in England and Wales, and any arbitration award shall be fully enforceable as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties shall have the right to conduct reasonable discovery as permitted by the arbitrator(s) and the right to seek temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunctive relief in any court of competent jurisdiction during the pendency of the arbitration or to enforce the terms of an arbitration award.

18. Bankruptcy and Liquidation.
If (a) a petition in bankruptcy is filed by the Publisher, or (b) a petition in bankruptcy is filed against the Publisher and such petition is finally sustained, or (c) a petition for arrangement is filed by the Publisher or a petition for reorganization is filed by or against the Publisher, and an order is entered directly the liquidation of the Publisher as in bankruptcy, or (d) the Publisher makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or (e) the Publisher liquidates its business for any cause whatever, the Author may, subject to any orders or rulings from a Court of competent jurisdiction, terminate this agreement by written notice and thereupon all rights granted by him hereunder shall revert to him.

19. Applicable Law & Jurisdiction.
Regardless of the place of its physical execution, this Agreement shall be interpreted, construed, and governed in all respects by the laws of England and Wales. The Parties hereby agree to the exclusive jurisdiction in case of any dispute to the English Courts.

20. Affirmation & Contracting of the Parties.
The Parties to this Agreement declare that they have taken or had the opportunity, to take independent legal advice prior to the signing of this Agreement.
The Parties hereby agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement by attaching their respective signatures and seals.



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