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After putting much time and resource into writing a book for your audience, you are now probably torn between self-publishing or contracting a publishing press company to publish your masterpiece. Conversely, it is essential to note that publishing using either of the options is not easy. Each option has its own befits and drawbacks. For a long time, publishers have always opted for traditional publishing; it was perceived as a more effortless channel to get your ideas out there. However, the internet has changed that narrative. More and more book writers are self-publishing their work. So, what are some of the benefits that are motivating writers to self-publish their work? Well, below is an account of the benefits that come along with this choice.

1. Speed
Sometimes getting a publishing company can take time, even months. If you manage to get one, getting your book to the shelves for your audience, it will take time. Big publishing houses may take a minimum of one and a half year to get your book to the market. On the contrary, self-publishing has proven to be a speedy option. Literally, your manuscripts can move from your computer to the shelves in a matter of days since there is less paperwork involved.

2. Creative control
Self-publishing writers have absolute control over the various aspects of their contents, including the very specifics of the design, writings, editing, fonts, and cover pages. This is unlike for writers opting for traditional publishing. Remember, the publishing company is in business; they will always try to manipulate your content to attract buyers, and thus you will most likely lose the authenticity of your masterpiece.

3. More financial gains
Typically, traditional publishing companies pay authors in royalties depending on the sales made per book. The royalties are often small in comparison to the efforts made to create the content. On the other hand, self-publishing writers have absolute control over their finances and hence stand to gain much compared to their counterparts. Each and every cent ends up in their pockets.

4. Longevity
This is one of the huge benefits of self-publishing your work. For traditional publishing, it all goes down to the best “it is survival of the fittest.” In essence, if your book is not selling, the company will take it off the shelves, and a more vibrant one will occupy your space. Most likely, the book will be off the shelves before even finding an audience. This is the direct opposite of self-published content. As an author, the books can stay available for as long as you want them to. This way, it is much more likely that your book will find an audience.

5. Networking opportunities
In the modern world, networking is not only a survival tactic but an opportunity to enrich your ideas. If you choose to self-publish your work, then you will most likely come across lots of people; advertisers, marketers, agents, and fans. All these are avenues for excellent networking opportunities. It is a chance to enrich your knowledge, a chance to get inspired and a perfect opportunity to get critic and feedback from your fans.
Regardless of your choices, the ultimate goal is to fetch an audience and get reasonable rewards for your work. However, we cannot turn a blind to the fact that self-publishing provides you with a better chance of achieving both goals.


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