”Everyone has a story to Sell!“


Full control
of your manuscripts:

You have full control of your content, books details and cover/images; you decide the price and release date; run sales campaign, etc

Full control
of your finances:

Keep track of your clients orders, check how much royalties you have earned, commissions, refunds, etc

Your Books
are protected:

Our Digital Right Management system encrypts your digital book to prevent unauthorized access, copy and sharing

Keep your royalties
to generate an income:

You preserve the explicit ownership of your content. We will collect payments and pay 75% of the sales profits every 3 months.

Promote and Publish
Blogs and Articles:

Publish blogs and articles to showcase your writing style, raise awareness and promote your books

Your Own Frontend Store
Where registered readers can access your books, read your biography, articles,
and follow your ABooks Community activities
Your Own Store Dashboard
Manage your published books, articles, events, orders, payments, etc
from your Seller dashboard on PC/Tablet/Phone


Create a free Author Account

Sell up to 10 book titles per free account. No initial investment or budget; though, we do charge 1 Euro fee to setup and verify your bank account.

Upload your manuscripts and submit

Easy process to submit your manuscripts – You choose the price, release date, books details and cover/images, etc. We will review your book and publish as soon as it is approved.

We sell the books and pay your royalties every 3 months

The owner of the royalty gets 75% of the sales profit while 25% is reinvested in ABooks Community. Payment are made directly to your verified PayPal account every 3 months

Keep track of your finances

Log into your account anytime to check your income and sales transactions

Promote your writing

Submit Blogs and Articles to showcase your writing style and promote your books. Share your own store link on other social platforms, your website, Whatsapp etc.


Email address

(unless you are already registered as a user/reader)

Store details

(Unique Store Name, logo/photo, descritpion)

Personal details

(including proof of identification. Accounts that have not been verified can only sell 1 book title)

PayPal account

(with a minimum fund of 1 Euro. This is needed to verify your account and setup future royalty payments)

Less than 5 minutes

(Easy and secure enrolment process)

You are just a few clicks away …
Are You a Writer