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Record your voice to produce text-synchronized audio books

ABooks MAGZ:

Flip through your favourite Magazines from your laptop with a 3D animation

ABooks 3D for CHILDREN:

Fun reading with realistic and smooth page-flip animation


Enhance your reading experience

Enhance your reading experience with ABooks READER app
Download free of charge from AppleStore or Google Play for Android devices, create a free account, and get instant access to thousands of books including free text-synchronized Audio books. Discover new authors.
Your Own Portable Cloud Library
All your purchased books securely stored in ABooks Cloud. Download to your PC, MAC, Tablet, Phone anytime and read without internet access.
Enjoy Text-Synchronized Audio Books
Text is synchronized with the voice of the author or the professional narrator, and the text is Auto-scrolling with synchronous highlighting of spoken text
Built-in offline dictionary and online Wikipedia definitions
Check words definitions with our built-in offline (no internet access required) dictionary. Extend word definitions with integrated Wikipedia.org dictionary.
Customize Your Reading
• Customizable text style (font, size, spacing, layout) • Adjustable playback speed with rate-vs-pitch correction (0.5x up to 2.0x) • Embedded image, audio, video, hyperlinks, footnotes • Content table or Index to land directly in the selected chapter • Last read paragraph – restart reading/listening to your book exactly from the point you left it.
Day and Night mode
Choose between 4 themes Day Night Sepia Grey
Support for dyslexia
Accessibility feature with integrated OpenDyslexic to increase readability for readers with dyslexia
Multilingual user interface: English, French, Spanish, German,
Search Within Book
search for a word or sentence within the current book
Engage with Other Readers with ABCommunity
Looking for new reading inspirations? Want to discuss inspiring stories? Find the ABCommunity that's right for you, or create your own ABCommunity group.


Record professional quality text-synchronized audio books with your own voice or a narrator of your choice


ABooks Recorder is a cloud-based recording suite for Authors wanting to create an audio version of their writing, or Professional Narrators, Character Actors, and Voice Over Artists looking to generate an income from audio book sales.

Customize you voice,

Adjust tone and add effects to suit the story

Very easy to use, On-screen text display

Once the recording is completed, hit “Submit” and we will generate a text-synchronized audio book ready for publication within a few days

Load paragraphs individually to facilitate recording

Check which paragraphs/chapters have not been recorded yet


Flip through your favourite magazines from your Laptop, Tablet, Phone, PC, etc