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How often do you walk into a library looking to borrow a book to read at home? Honestly, I have not done that in a while; I suppose around 6 months now. Previously, I visited the library several times a month until I found a new and more convenient way to consume content; listening to audiobooks. Like most people, listening to audiobooks may seem less interesting compared to active book reading. Interestingly, listening to audiobooks is slowly gaining momentum among millennials. They are looking for more fast, convenient, and fun ways to consume information, and audiobooks provide them with precisely
For a long time, especially in the “bad old days,” self-publishing was considered unprofessional, selfish, and massively associated with low-quality writers. Unfortunately, this mentality still exists; however, the emergence of the internet has gradually eliminated this narrative. At the same time, with the increase in the number of writers, more and more writers are now opting to self-publish their work. In fact, this content publishing method has proven to be more beneficial and less exhausting for writers. Slowly, writers are leaving mainstream publishing for the newly found and accepted haven; self-publishing. To understand the reason for the “exodus,” we will
  Often people will confuse the difference between copyrights and royalties. Even to those with the correct definitions, these two aspects are often used interchangeably. If you are a content creator, i.e. an author, a songwriter or composer, then it is imperative that you are well conversant with the two terms. They both apply to protect the interest of content creators using traditional publishers to get their idea to the audience. If you have a problem differentiating between the two, then you are in the right place. We will in this article provide with a profound understanding of the two
Journal writing can be quite challenging. Getting it published is equally an uphill task, especially if you are not conversant with the logistics and the procedures on how to write a perfect journal. Besides sticking to the guidelines, journal writing requires commitment, utmost honesty, and creativity. Before publishing your journal, it is essential that you ensure that the contents are unique, precise, and of value. And while this may be a challenge, we will attempt, at a glance, to look at the basic guidelines of writing a journal or a diary for publication which will ultimately get you an audience.


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